This website ( uses cookies, no not the yummy biscuit kind of cookies that are nice and sweet and crunchy and can sometimes have chocolate chips in them, the little bit of text kind.

Cookies are little text files which hold certain information when you visit websites.

This website actually doesn’t collect cookies on purpose, I mean the cookies are generated by the software and services we use, like WordPress and Google Analytics, there is nothing I can do about the cookies on this website, probably.

The cookies you will get from this website are from WordPress, disqus and google analytics, there not bad I swear.


This website takes user privacy very seriously, every company says that don’t they? That they take privacy/safety/happiness/wellbeing, etc of their employees/customers/per cats very seriously, then there’s usually some ginormous fuck up that shows that nothing was took seriously at all.

But this website does take privacy seriously, so serious that there’s not really many ways where your privacy could somehow be breached by using this website.

There is no user registrations or membership, there is comments but that is handled by Disqus, there a third-party so, unfortunately I don’t have any control over their privacy handling. There is also other third-party services like twitter and google analytics, you might want to check out their privacy policies.

In conclusion, this policy is here for legal reasons and to make the website look somewhat professional, the chances that anyone will actually read this is slim to none, I mean who actually visits a website and says “better read their privacy policy to make sure it’s up to scratch before I venture any further”, no one, that s who.